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The porn world features some of the most beautiful women in the world, so this article ranks the best female virtual pornstars. The babes featured here are the hotties who have made a huge name for themselves in the porn world. Most of these pornostars are veterans of the on screen fucking world, but there are a few new babes who have risen to stardom very quickly. Here you will find MILFs as well as some sweet young darlings who really know how to fuck. To rank these sexy babes, data analysis was used to remove any personal bias and improve ranking accuracy.

There are several ways to rank the best pornstar cams so this article is a part of a series of posts. Be sure to check out Best Hungarian Pornstars and Hottest Trans Porn Stars from  Sao Paolo.

No man or woman on earth has watched a porn without asking the following question: “is that actually real?”  One question that comes up time and time again? How female performers stay horny for what seems like hours at a time. That’s why we went to the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in Las Vegas to talk to some pornostars to find out what really happens.

Veteran porn star says staying horny and be able to squirt is a challenge that most will confront at some point in their career. “Everyone thinks it would be so easy to squirt on set and it’s not easy at all,” she says.

While we’d all like to believe that the ability to stay horny for hours at a time, that’s not always the case, says pornostar Kelly.


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Most of our male talents uses some form of medical aid to stay hard and strong,” says Kayden Kross. “That can be anything from Viagra and Cialis to injections that will keep erections going without arousal. I know others have had surgeries to implant penis pumps.”

Kross says that often, her coworkers will pop a pill before any scene they shoot to achieve an erection and go on their merry way. But it’s usually obvious when this is the case.

“Sometimes with the pills they’ll look a little flushed, but sometimes you’re just flushed because sex is an aerobic activity,” says Kross. “With the more hardcore methods (injections, pumps), you can tell because the dick doesn’t respond to situations where arousal would naturally dip. For example, one guy once fell through a glass wall on a shower in the middle of a scene. He stood up with shards of glass sticking out of him and his dick was still hard. Viagra is strong, but it’s not that strong.” 


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Most of the virtual pornstars have tons of sexy videos and photos in their profiles and around. You can get an idea what they like to perform on the virtual cams. Having a hot live virtual show with pornostars guarantee that you will not get bored, beside the show is professional because most of them own a very proffesional equipment as well as tons of costumes. And what do they best is the movemenets in front of the camera. Based on their porno experinces they know what makes guys horny and how to look sexy.


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