Erotic advertisement with us is an excellent opportunity for erotic models, pornstars, independent Escorts and Escort Agencies for Worldwide exposure. Advertise an escort service of your models and start benefit from your sexy adds. In particular please find below the list of the clients we can sponsor:

  • Sexy Webs and Erotic Virtual Games, Sexy Cams, Sexy shops
  • Adult Female Escort Ads , Ladyboys Escort Ads, Gigolos Ads, Travel Companions Ads, Luxury Courtesans Ads, BDSM Ads, Virtual Models Ads, Erotic models Ads, Independent escorts Ads
  • Ads of Call girls, call-boys, she-males, hostesses, duo girls, escort couples
  • Erotic Ads of Mistresses, dominatrixes, slaves, fetish escorts, dungeons
  • Adult Ads of Escort Agencies, Ads of Escort Directories
  • Adult Nigh life Ads: hotels, swinger clubs, VIP nightclubs, brothels, massage parlours, FKK clubs, spas 


erotic advertisement for escorts


For the above categories we provide:

Pick of the week  (Large Photo -Main Page)

1 week: 40€

Who can apply

All models (Female Escort, Shemale, Gigolo, Travel Companion, BDSM, Virtual Escort) and agencies providing them.

What is provided

  • Personal Profile positioned on the main page 
  • Weeks can be chosen based on availability
  • Also perfect for promoting city tours 
  • Limited space


Banners or Photo  (limited space)

6 months: 150€  (Main Page

6 months : 60€ (Agency Page)

One time fee of  50€ (Partners Page)

Who can apply

What is provided
Your banner (photo) with redirecting to your website (please send all details by email). For photo Ad we provide formating and rendering. Agency purchasing the advertisement on the main page will be automatically listed in the agency page as well.

Sponsored links


What is it?

Link that redirects directly to your website with short description.

What is the price?

100€ / 12 months on main page

50€ /one time fee for partners, agencies, cams pages

Where does it appear? 

Agencies page, Partners page, Main Page

Who can apply?

Get extra visibility with SEO stories 

What is it? 

The best alternative to gain extra visibility, quickly get the attention of potential clients with your content at the TOP of the site!  Contact us to get your quote.

Where does it appear? 

Always at the top of the page, where the punters look first. It will be discussed which page will suit best your needs. We can also place them on partners site.

What is the position? 

Stories change position according to how many of them are published on the site but are always at the TOP of the page. Newest stories are placed first! 



Model Profiles

Free verified Ad

This profile is free for available locations. Model has to provide backlink.No more then one profile is allowed.

Who can apply

All models: Female Escort, Shemale, Gigolo, Travel Companion, BDSM, who wish to become Virtual Escort with us.

What is provided

  • Showing pictures with no hidden or blurred face
  • Will be listed in one city and one category 
  • Contact informations
  • Change location as you need (if the location is available)
  • Whats app number and phone number can be seen by visitors


VIP model advertisement 

3 months:  40€  12months: 100€  

Who can apply

All models: Female Escort, Shemale, Gigolo, Travel Companion, BDSM, Independent Virtual Escort.

What is provided

  • Visible preferential position (VIP profiles are listed from the top to the bottom and include a direct link to your website if needed)
  • Can be listed in 3 locations with 3 roles 
  • Can upload pictures with blurred face or logo
  • Promoted on the main page NEWS with link 
  • Promoted on the main page with picture for 30 days with 1 year purchase
  • Vouchers for discounts 
  • Can display own website, email and links to profiles

Agency advertising Escort

Free basic advertisement 

This profile is free for available locations. Agency has to provide backlink. No more then one profile of the agency escort is allowed.

Who can apply

All agencies providing: Female Escorts, Shemales, Gigolos, Travel Companions, BDSM, Virtual Dates.
What is provided


  • Can list 1 model in one city for free(if location is available)
  • Showing pictures with no hidden or blurred face
  • Whats app number and phone number can be seen by visitors


VIP agency profile

3months:  150€   extra month 50€   12 months: 500€                                  

Who can apply

All agencies providing: Female Escort, Shemale, Gigolo, Travel Companion, BDSM, Virtual Escorts.

What is provided


  • Up to 20 Escorts, but each escort can be listed in 3 cities and 3 categories

  •  Profile { agency page}

  •  Additional contact  { website}

  • Models will be in a visible preferential position and their profiles include direct link to your website

  • Every week agency can promote one profile for free on the main page

  • Vouchers for additional discounts

Member Profiles (COMING SOON)

Basic member profile

This profile is free 

Who can apply

All users searching for: Female Escorts, Shemales, Gigolos, Travel Companions, BDSM, Virtual Escorts.

What is provided

  • Can book model at the same day for max 2 hours
  • Access to all model profiles except full gallery of VIP Models
  • Can make 1 request a day
  • Will get an answer till 4 hours when using the request form
VIP member profile

1 month 20€  12 months: 100€

Who can apply

All users searching for: Cam girls, Escorts or Agencies

What is provided

  • See if the model is verified: access all profiles, pictures and services
  • See entire gallery including recent selfies of the model
  • Can make unlimited requests daily
  • Get an answer within 2 hours from request when using the  request form

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Are you in need of the website? For free profiles, backlink of one of our banner from your website is required. If you do not have one, you can create your own website on free escort sites. We can also help to develop seo friendly website with organic seo optimisation included. As an adult seo company we will help with local search engine optimisation as well as international search. Tell us what you need and contact us to get your price.



Please, don't forget to put our banner at your home page on visible positions if you are not a paid costumer and wish to be listed. Without return link we don't approve your adverts!

For Banner and text link options - please contact us at our email for more details. You find more banner on join us page. We also accept backlinks  redirecting to the other of our pages such country you wish to be listed in.

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Sex appeal in advertising is generally viewed as an effective strategy to attract attention to you. In some instances, sex appeal alone is the attention-getter in an ad. For some companies and products, sexuality is the allure used in advertising to draw attention to an otherwise tame product. The secret they use is teasing. Any advertising needs to give the consumer what he wants. 



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